Feurst Teeth

EWA is a major distributor for the innovative Feurst range of G.E.T products. These ranges are the first wear parts using bi-component synthetic resin, a true revolution. With their superior metallurgy, Feurst teeth outlast most others and feature the best pin retention systems on the market. With a large range of styles and sizes there are Feurst teeth to suit every application.

This unique, patented system is the achievement of over ten years of research and innovation. Its numerous advantages include:

1. Easy and fast assembly and disassembly – it only takes about ten seconds. In all circumstances and on all terrains. This is possible because of the perfect tightness of the pin system.

2. Precise and simple locking

3. Pins held tightly in place in adapters with rubber parts that constantly reduce gaps to provide perfect protection for adaptors and ensure a long service life.

Feurst Teeth -
Feurst Teeth -
Feurst Teeth -

Teeth and Adaptors

The Tooth / Tooth Holder system protects the buckets’ cutting edges from wear. The system is made up of three components:

1. An adaptor welded to the cutting edge

2. A tooth that is an interchangeable tool that cuts into the ground

3. The parts are linked together with a Hammerless or hammer pin

Our Range includes:

Fastkey, Turnkey, and Stickey